About the artist

For those of you visiting this site for the first time or having recently learned the name Leo Erb let us briefly introduce this truly amazing artist and afford you the opportunity to get to know about his life, his body of creative works and most importantly about the man he is.

Leo was born in the year 1923, in St. Ingbert. The town of St. Ingbert is located in the German state of Saarland, nestled near to the German French border.

Leo began studying art in 1940 in Kaiserslautern under the direction of Prof. Joseph Wack. Leo continued his studies from 1946 till 1947, at the School of Arts and Crafts in Saarbrücken, studying under Prof. Dr. Boris Kleint (ittensche Bauhauslehre).

It was in the year 1947 that Leo completed his first linear paper cut art work, and in the following 2 years he built up his first studio in his home town of St. Ingbert.

Leo visited often Exhibitions in Paris prior to establishing his own Parisian based studio in 1961, where he then resided for several years.

His career spans more than six decades and encompasses a wealth of artist works many of which are exhibited in national and international museums and galleries.

His art has been influenced by two determinate elements:

- The love for the colour White
- The line

We hope you enjoy your visit of Leo’s website and welcome any interest, contact or feedback.