Biography – Leo Erb

1923Leo was born in St Ingbert. A small village nestled in the south west corner of Germany, in the state of Saarland.

1940 – 43Erb attended the Arts and Crafts School in Kaiserslautern where he studied under the guidance of Joseph Wack

1944Conception of the paper image

1946/47He also attended the School of Arts and Crafts in Saarbrücken, studying under Prof. Dr. Boris Kleint (ittensche Bauhauslehre)

1947Leo’s first linear paper cut art work was produced

1948/49Leo built up his 1st studio in St Ingbert

1949Leo’s first linear work in plastic was completed

1952With the title “Vineyard in Langenlonsheim” Leo’s published his first linear drawing

1954It was in this year Leo began to exhibit his works both at home and abroad

1957Together with Prof. Dr. Boris Kleint they founded the “new group saar”

1957 – 61During this period Leo created works using a ‘beekeeper brush’

1958His first structured linear works were created using plastic or wood Leo participated with his work at the 7th “Zero Group” exhibition in Düsseldorf. In the period to followed Leo and the “new group saar” continued to participate at Zero Group exhibitions.

1960It was in this year that Leo produced his first Linear Relief works

1961He moved to the south of Paris and established his 2nd studio

1963His first kinetic art work was released

1970Leo designed his first ‘solar plastic’ art work

1975Leo returned to continue his work from Germany

1975/78During this period he produced his first work using the element of ‘lighting’ “electronic neon”

1977Leo participated in this year at the exhibition “documenta VI” in Kassel, Germany

1988Leo was awarded the Albert Weisberger Prize for visual arts, St Ingbert

1993Leo received the title of Professor

2008The Saarland Minister for Education, Culture and Science awarded Leo the coveted “Art of Saarland” lifetime achievement award